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Jonathan Pelleg

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"To my experience, the best creative work is never done when one is unhappy."

                                                                    - Albert Einstein



This enthusiastic young gentleman is Jonathan Pelleg, an English major with a Professional Writing minor in Business Communication at UCSB.  With ambitious plans of lending his creativity to and making waves in the Advertising and Public Relations industries, Jonathan spends his days loving life doing anything he can.  He is presently working at the Office of Public Affairs, the mouth piece and public relations department of the university.  Something of a tech junkie and a lover of literature, Jonathan focuses his studies on media and what it will be like to be a creative force in an increasingly technical world.  What good will the books he's sure to publish be when paper is a thing of the past?  What does it mean when the best creative jobs are based not in painting but in graphic design, not in novels but in screen plays?  The best artists and creative geniuses are the ones who design the iPod, or design the newest operating system look for Windows!  So what's a jolly fellow who yearns for creativity and success but doesn't want to be the next slasher movie writer to do?  He's going to find out.


Here's some of his work!

Digital Hamlet

Middle English Lays and Lyrics

Sir Orfeo Close Reading Lines 267-271

Don't Touch My Words! (An Essay on The Crying of Lot 49)

Technology and the Modern College Identity (published online in New York Times magazine!)

Also be sure to check out the 2007-2008 Career Manual, in which he was contributing writer and associate editor.

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