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Jeremy Cowan

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"You know, it really is amazing, that with all of your flaws that you can get away with it. That people let you get away with it, when all that you do is make them suffer through your inane, insane acts. It doesn’t take much to stand up to you, but because you won’t—or can’t—listen, it’s not worth the time."

- To the Mad Scientists



Jeremy Cowan is a third year English major attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. Having studied computer design for four years as well as working at The Alternative Copy Shop have given him a basic understanding of design approaches to aesthetic layouts, a concept which he has been pursuing at UCSB secondary to his pursuit of rhetoric. Jeremy is attempting to obtain a personalized specialization in rhetoric from the UCSB English department in the hopes that such a pursuit will refine not only his capabilities as a writer but his understanding of the usages of English as a student of it.


The above quote is from a monologue that Jeremy performed at The End of the World event that he helped to produce, write, direct, and perform for along with fellow UCSB undergrad Bart Farrell and graduate student Jason Narvy. This winter quarter the trio plans to put on a neo-burlesque show at one of the parks in Isla Vista.

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