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Creating and Using Templates on Wiki

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 3 months ago

When creating content on a wiki, it is sometimes helpful to be able to borrow the formatting from already existing content rather than starting from scratch.  This is especially the case when a standard format is desired (e.g., for a class member bio page, etc.).  Borrowing is as simple as opening an existing page in editing view, copying the source code, pasting it into a new page, and adapting the content.  However, PBWiki also includes a "template" feature that facilitates the process and helps authors standardize on particular formats.


A template is any page that is tagged with the phrase "template" (using the tagging feature at the bottom of each page).  Tagging a page in this way makes it show up in the menu of template choices when a user is creating a new page.  That way, a user can create a new page from an existing, standard template and adapt its content.


Several such templates have been set up for this course by the instructor, including the Bio Template, Team Project Page Template, the Annotated Bibliography Template, the Research Report Template, and the Interpretive Essay Template.  (You can see what they look like here.)  To use the Bio Template, for example, follow these steps:


  • Click on the tab at the top for "New Page" (visible when you have logged in).
  • Name the page (e.g., Alan Liu) and choose the "Bio Template" as the page template.
  • The Bio Template includes spaces and formatting for you to enter information (including uploading a photo of yourself).  Fill out the information and save the page.
  • Then go to the Class Members directory page, add your name there in alphabetical order, and link from your name to the bio page you created.  (In general, after you have created a new page, you will want to link to it from somewhere on the site so that it becomes accessible.)


In the case of the Bio page and other pages where standardization is important, users should also be careful to follow a standard convention for naming a new page.  This convention (e.g., First_Name Last_Name for Bio pages) will be declared at the top of each preconstructed template.


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