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Class Members

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Add your name to the listing below (in alphabetical order), then link your name to a new page that you create using the Bio Template.


Detailed instructions:

  • Press on the "Edit Page" tab to open this "Class Members" page in editing mode.
  • Add your name to the list of class members (first_name last_name).
  • Then add a link in your name by selecting the name and clicking on the "link" button on the editing menu bar. (When you see the dialogue for link options, choose the default options of "Wikipage" and "new page")
  • Press "Save."
  • Then click on the link you just made in your name. You will see a dialogue for creating a new page with that name for your bio. Choose the "Bio Template" as the page template. The template includes formatting and instructions.
  • Remember to "save" the bio page you create. You can go back to it at any time to edit it.




Members of English 149, Winter 2008




Project Teams (Team Project Pages)



Team  No.
Team Members Project  
 1 Jennifer Housel, Andrea Ellickson, Vanessa Silvas, Christian Galvan Timeline Project
 2 Dylan Storm, Mike Smith, Elizabeth Flores, Carlvert Green Hemingway Short Story Project
 3 Alessandra Horii, Arielle Tai, Stephanie Nguyen, Katy Castillo Poetry Interpretation
 4 Gregory Gin, Helen Skura, Katia Nierle Romeo and Juliet: A Facebook Tragedy
 5 Bianca Nickols, Raymond M Weyls, Shaane Syed, Christopher Meltzer, Jenna Frazier Storyboard Project
 6 Jonathan Pelleg, Jeremy Cowan, Jonathan Svilar  Heart of Darkness Project
 7 Brittany Stern, Mallory Smith, Jayne Goldsmith, Matt Billings Borges: An Exploration in Modeling
 8 Shaun Sanders, John Estioko, Joshua Felsinger Textones Project
 9 Britta Gustafson, Dana Solomon, Brianna Paulson, Gabe Cabello Emigrants Project





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