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Brittany Stern

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I detect a certain falseness. That is due, perhaps, to an overemployment of circumstantial details, a way of writing that I learned from poets; it is a procedure that infects everything with falseness, since there may be a wealth of details in the event, yet not in the memory...

- Jorge Luis Borges


Brittany Stern has always been a causcasian female and a Taurus. She grew up in something called Orinda, near the better known San Francisco, California. Reading and painting have always been Brittany's favorites. Brittany was swept off her feet by the Literature and Cultures of Information program at the Universtiy of California at Santa Barbara, as she grew increasingly concerned with the questions of simulation and how it has become tied to recycling in this age and others. As of recent, Brittany has been exploring how the techniques of artists like Joseph Cornell also say something on this topic. 

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