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Britta Gustafson

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Theoretically, there are an unlimited number of numeration systems. The most complete system (to be used by divine beings and angels) registers an infinite number of symbols, one for each number; the simplest only requires two. Zero is written 0; one 1, two, 10, three 11, four 100, five 101, six 110, seven 111, eight 1000, etc.

- Jorge Luis Borges in "The Analytical Language of John Wilkins"


...the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, so gifted with infinity that they will finally consecrate Language. Everything is caught up in their endless variations and then rises out of them in the form of the Principle. Thus typography becomes a rite.

- Stéphane Mallarmé in "The Book: A Spiritual Instrument"



Britta Gustafson is a third-year CCS Literature student and the del.icio.us community manager intern. She likes books and websites (on every level), and she likes people who also like those things. Other things she likes: social software, making websites better, net art, and nonfiction. She has a website at Jeweled Platypus, plays the harp sometimes, eats a lot of cookies, and collects little animal toys.

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