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Bibliography by Alessandra Horii

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Bibliography by Alessandra Horii


By [Alessandra Horii], [Poetry Interpretation] Team


1. [Gilbert, Jack. "Failing and Flying." poets.org. 2005. Academy of American Poets. 13 Feb

2008 http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/16872



[Poets.org is a website dedicated to providing poetry and information on the lives of

famous poets.  The website provides an environment which encourages users to discuss

various interpretations on works and other poetry related topics.  It is hosted by the

Academy of American poets and is the main website for the magazine, “American Poet

Magazine.”  The Academy of American poets is a non-profit organization which has

dedicated themselves to the furthering of poet’s careers.  To this affect, the website’s

search engine allows one to type in an author or title of a poem.  Once the poem or

author is found, the left-hand column suggests related poets, and poems with similar

topics for the user to view.  It is also possible to search for poems based on topic.

The site makes it easy to find poems appropriate for any occasion.  The website also

provides guidance on writing, and a database of literary terms.  Among the many services

that the website offers, is its calendar of local events, and clubs pertaining to poetry.

 The website pays tribute to accomplished authors who have won awards for their works.

The site also has an online store where customers may purchase poetry related cds, dvds,

t-shirts, mugs, and books.



2. [Fontana, Dana. The Secret Language of Symbols. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2003]


[This book is a reference book to symbols and their common meanings.  The first part of the book begins with an introductory on the origins of symbolism.  It discusses how symbols came into being through the forming of various cultures.  “Certain kinds of symbolism constitute a universal language, because the images and their meanings occur in similar forms- and carry similar power- across cultures and centuries” (p 11).  The book goes on to discuss the power of symbols and the use of symbols.  The power of symbols arises through ancient stories of gods and myths and the superstition that accompanies rituals, and prayer.  Symbols are commonly used in interpreting art, exploring inner wisdom, and decoding dreams.  The book goes on to explain the ways commonly reoccurring symbols can be used.  Symbols are interpreted all the way from colors to hybrid creatures.  There is a special section in the book that specifically focuses on human and spiritual symbols, which play a large role in literature.  The last part of the book covers the various symbol systems.  Some examples of these systems include alchemy, the tarot, and the yijing.  ]



3. [Adobe Dreamweaver.  Adobe Systems, Inc. 13 February 2008. http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver/]


[Adobe Dreamweaver is a basic website editing program.  Adobe systems offers a 30-day free trial in which the user can decide whether to invest in the $400 program.  It allows users to simply link sites together through hypertext.  Pictures, movies, and text can be chosen to create each page.  The program allows the user to choose the color of the text, and background and to size images to the size you would like to view them on the page.  It is also possible to edit a page through typing in HTML code and other server languages.  The program also includes tutorials to help walk the user through each step of the website creation process.  Templates are also available to help make the creating process easy.  There is also a CSS management system which makes it easy for users to organize their site’s structure.  Other adobe programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash can be used with Adobe Dreamweaver.  ]


4. [Camtasia Studio.  Tech Smith, Inc.  13 February 2008. http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp]


[Camtasia Studio is a screen recording software.  Tech Smith offers a free 30-day trial in which users can decide whether to purchase the $299 program.  The program lets the user first record their presentation.  Then the user is allowed to go back and edit their work.  During the recording stage, Camtasia detects where movement is occurring and so focuses in on that area of the screen.  This part of the program is called SmartFocus.  There is also the option to decide for yourself where the camera focuses in.  The user can choose to record their voice and/ or music during the original recording.  They can also choose to do so after they are done editing the piece.  With the cursor editing ability, Camtasia allows you to put emphasis on certain movements, to zoom in, or to draw on the screen.  While editing the video, it is possible to cut segments down to the exact second that you want them to fade out or fade in.  It is also possible to add closed captions, and quizzes or surveys.  To make sure that the video is functioning and that it has been edited to your exact specifications, the preview function can be used in which a 30 second segment of the video can be played back.  The program makes it easy and simple to change the format of the video to fit any computer.  The video can be played back through RealMedia, Quicktime, MP3, among many other options. 




5. [Gilbert , Jack. Views of Jeopardy. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1962.]


[This is a collection of Jack Gilbert’s earlier works in poetry.  His writing style has not changed a lot since his more recent work, “Failing and Flying.”  Gilbert’s style of writing is an unconventional way of writing poetry because it flows like a sentence, but has the short line structure like a poem.  The foreward is written by Dudly Fitts who describes Gilbert’s work as being cold, but also passionate.  His poetry is very succinct and spares few words as embellishments.  He likes to use Greek mythological figures in many of his works.  Many of his poems reflect upon a lost love, like in “Failing and Flying.”  “The Four Perfectly Tangerines” and “Rain” both have this same message.  Each of his poems help the reader picture how Jack Gilbert feels about love.  “And She Waiting” shows how he is afraid to “return to love” (p4).  He doesn’t believe that he still has the ability to love again.  Gilbert’s poetry tends to have a dark undertone.  The last lines of his poems tend to depict feelings of sorrow.  “Before Morning in Perugia” ends with “God protect me” (p20).  “On Growing Old in San Francisco” ends with “Two girls barefoot never coming back” (p37).]


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